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About The Neighbourhood Network

Get connected!
The Neighbourhood Network is a new independent network created to connect residents to each other and to neighbouring streets with the ultimate aim of making local neighbourhoods an all round better and safer place to live. It enables residents - currently in the Borough of Bexley - to:
  • Keep up to date with crime and anti-social behaviour incidents in the local vicinity;
  • Easily report incidents so as to advise or warn neighbours and those in neighbouring streets;
  • Create small groups and schedules to carry out small tasks that benefit the neighbourhood;
  • Keep up to date with good news going on around the area and share good news.
Our platform also incorporates other third-party local initiatives, enabling residents to access them all in one place. Whilst there are other community platforms out there, many have grouped streets and households into unfamiliar geographical areas. We however work on the familiar County / Borough -> Ward -> street -> resident geographical relationships.
The Neighbourhood Network operates in the interest of greater unity within the community. It aims to be free from political, sectarian and institutional bias and seeking neither to be divisive nor controversial, it does not support or oppose any cause.